Titanic Wage Slip for Auction on 01072012

Jan 2, 2012
I wanted to let everyone on the message board know there is an original Titanic Wage Slip for auction on 01/07/2012

Here is a description of the lot:
Mr. Albert Horswill was an Able Seaman on the RMS Titanic. Mr. Horswill manned the first lifeboat off the ship with 11 other passengers of the ship. From his collection we will be selling his original wage slip stamped Titanic that he carried in his pocket off the ship as it was sinking. Also we have his court summons letter to the Royal Court to give his story of what happened that dreaded night. We will be selling an original photo of Mr. Horswill, a oil painting of the Titanic done by his co-workers at the Gary Paint Works, and a variety of newspaper articles with Mr. Horswill story. Really a great piece of history that will be sold as one collection!

You can see pictures and bid online at this link:


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