Titanic Watch Ebay Auction Ended A Question of Provenance

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Philip Hind
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and as long as one doesn't mention any names or make any direct association with any particular entity, one is okay

I could not disagree more.

We live in the real world not a legalistic neverland. References explicit or implied regarding real people in a community as small as this cannot be overlooked so casually.

Mark Robert Hopkins

but also to the site that you are using to carry on the crusade . . . If you cannot discuss issues of interest like this without resorting to derogatory remarks or implying some form of dishonesty then you may find yourselves compelled to discuss it elsewhere.

The danger of hurting ET's reputation I do understand.

I never meant to take the hammer to anybody; mine were general terms. As a one-time editor of two of publications, I understand the need for appropriateness and caution, not to mention responsible commentary, which is why my remarks, not 'heated' in the slightest (in my opinion), were curbed to general references.

Besides, I was not the only person here talking about scams and other dishonest practices. As a matter of fact, I didn't even start the conversation.

On the other hand, the public reads this forum, and such comments can possibly create an undesirable image for ET. I do not want to see ET get hurt through my careless yet well-meaning actions. My heartfelt apologies for having said anything out-of-line. Again, it wasn't intended to be derogatory, only casual commentary.

Timothy Trower

I would simply like the scammers who do frequent this site (and especially this type of thread) to know that they are being watched. Several of us keep a very close eye on eBay and other auction sites -- keeping a watchful eye out for fakes -- and although only one former eBay seller has been indicted, yet another prolific seller (and scammer) has (for the time being) virtually abandoned selling Titanic fakes.

And that is the true worth of threads like these.


Hi Tim,

You put the notice on the right place. Thanks.
Your opinion is always objective.
I didn`t want hurt anyone on this forum
especially auction house.My excuse to all,
I`v just told my experience with above
mentioned AH.

Hello Mr. David Robert Howard,

Please excuse me if I made something wrong
related to your post.My experience with
A.H. BONHAMS /London/and /San FRANCISCO/ was
excellent even if didn`t sell my Great Grand
father`s eyeglasses.Experts like Mr. John
Badelley and Mr. Lionel Willis from BONHAMS
are EXCELLENT and thanks them for corectitude.
I will never forget their words
Titanic memorabilia market is volatile, be
careful.During last year and half I read
many posts, comments, discussion on this forum
visited many E buy auction related to Titanic
and finally I understood what does it means
About eyeglasses DON`T BE AFRAID
they have very good provenance almost Miss
Nora Keane pocket watch,but they are to small
and it`s imposiblle to engrave a long text like
Nora`s mother did.
Besides who would be interested for gold
plated eyeglasses belonged to 3rd class
passenger from Balkan area without proper
provenance.In my post No 68 I didn`t say
anything against your work, and really very
good I understood your text.

Thank you

Keith Little

Does anyone know what happened to Thomas Mullin’s watch. It was originally withdrawn from auction due to no provenance.
As a family member I have recently been left Thomas’s brother‘s John’s pocket watch. Hall marked Birmingham 1911. Trying to get it back into the family.