Titanic/ white star officers cap badges, which?


Hail readers,

Titanic's tragic centenary made me take up an old project: to replicate a very good copy of an officers peaked cap for my collection of interesting headgear. I already altered a modern peaked cap to one that is according to the 1895 royal navy regulations, which meant making a whole new crown to it.

Next problem is the cap badge. I understand that there are some experts on this reading this forum. It seems that the available replica badges, including that sold by the Titanic historical society, are not completely correct replicas. if you compare that one to the one depicted on the well known portrait pics of captain Smith, you may see what I mean, look at the detail in the crown.

So I am searching for a source for a good replica of the officers cap badge or a good example of an original 1912 era (picture or drawing), if possible with the correct dimensions.

If needed I will embrioder the item myself, I have some experience with that kind of job.
Please note that I will make my cap in a brand new state, not age it. There will also be clues that experts will always be able to tell that it is a fake, a very good one, but a fake.

Thanks very much for any help with my quest,