Titanic Women and Children First by Judith Geller

Mike Herbold

Feb 13, 2001
This book by Judith Geller was published in early 1998. Unlike typical Titanic books which trace the construction of the ship and the sinking and rescue, this book concentrates on the passengers only.

In no particular order, but starting with first class, Geller writes a two or three page biography on many of the women and children on board. The stress is on the surviving passengers, but Mrs. Strauss gets a section, as do a few others that died. You will find many facts and family pictures not seen on Encyclopedia Titanica or in other books.

It was a minor irritation for me, but my only gripe is the use of pictures of items that were recovered from the wreck that were not necessarily related to an individual passenger, but which might have been. For example, "This cut crystal vase with its fluted edge might have held the American Beauty roses at the dinner May and Jacques (Futrelle) enjoyed on their last night together."

Since my own area of interest is the individual passengers (especially the ones who ended up in California) rather than the ship itself, this is still one of my favorite books.

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