Titanic Women and Children First


Janice Coles

I would like to read this book. Has any one else read it?

Mike Herbold

Feb 13, 2001
This is an excellent book. See my previous review under the heading "Female Biographies" in April. I have to admit that your heading makes it much easier to find. Please add your review here after you've finished reading it.

karen angstadt

Janice, I agree with Mike. I just bought the book and started reading it. Judith Geller really gives you alot of detail about the womens' lives who were on board the Titanic. I also bought "Titanic Voices" at the same time and that one is pretty good too. Karen

Jose C. Rivera de Cosme

i have one question about the book. in one of the pages there is an illustration done by harrison Fisher of survior and actress Dorothy gibson. I e mail someone who is an expert on Harrison Fisher, she said she never heard of her. I heard that she was a model foe him.. Any answers?????

Ben Lemmon

Oct 9, 2009
I was going to add this thread to the pre-existing one but I can't. Anyway, I have been looking at buying this book for ages, always putting it off till the next pay period. My incessant waiting has not paid off, however, and I now can only find it for $98, whereas it was previously only $35. Is there anyone out there who is willing to part with their book for less than $98? If not, I completely understand, I just thought I'd check. I ask that you respond, just so I have a general idea of how scarce it has become. Anyway, thanks in advance.

Allan Wolf

Mar 11, 2007
Asheville, NC
Ben, et al.,

As of today, I see the Geller book available on Amazon.com, used, for $14.89. I picked mine up at the Atlanta Titanic Exhibit a couple years ago. Or maybe Vegas. No problem.

As a writer, I've found WOMEN AND CHILDREN FIRST to be a valuable resource because it contains such a broad overview of a large pool of potential characters. The short biographies are just the thing when you are trying to cull over 2000 people in search of 20 or so characters who are right for your needs.

For my purposes, the book is a starting point only, and needs to be used in concert with some of the other books and ET research available. Once I find my characters, I can then cross-check Geller's info with other sources. Geller's info sometimes conflicts with these other sources, but that's half the fun of the research--finding the truth that lies between different available versions.

Holly Peterson

Awesome book. A must-read for any Titanic enthusiast. I'd reccomend it mainly because it focuses on many of the little-known survivors/victims of the tragedy rather than famous names such as J. J. Astor or Capt. Edward Smith, and because it has some pictures of passengers that I doubt one could find anywhere else, like the Skoog family, a group of French-speaking survivors, and the Nicola-Yarred children, just to name a few.

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