Titanic worldwide

Kevin Perez

Jul 10, 2005
This is something I have always been curious about. Now, I know that Titanic, compared to more important and well known historical events, is quite insignificant, little, not to mention very unheard of isn't impossible, however, I've come acrossed some of the most strangest *international* websites surronding the disaster. Not strange in a literaly sense, but something you wouldn't expect at all! Like this website here!


I was also amazed to see that A Night To Remember has a Japanese dub and was released in Japan on DVD! Ken Marshall's art book is translated too, so Ballard's discovery book and Lynch's as well. I must admit, I'm very shocked about it, as stupid as it sounds. True, that worldwide, Titanic is quite unheard of, it just surprises me that how a US/UK historical event would be fairly popular in a country in Japan. Unless.... all of this has to do with the 1997 film, hence it's huge success and it being the #2 highest grossing film in Japan.

Do you think that if I were to ask a random Japanese person, they would know what the Titanic is, or at least the film it's based on, since it's success. I do apologize if this sounds such ridiculous and idiotic. I also I'm sorry for the grammar errors and I'm in a rush! I also have found A LOT of Japanese websites deticated to the actual thing and even one for the officers!

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