Titanic's Appearance in Book vs Movie

Zack Wyatt

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In the book, the Titanic is mastless and funneless, while in the movie, she is complete with mast and funnels, with the exception of the 2nd funnel. Which appearence do you guys like better?

Also, do you guys know any website which has pictures of a model of the Titanic based on how it looks in the book, without masts and funnels? I found pictures of such a model on the Internet last year, but I looked again this year and couldn't find it.

I liked the book way better then the movie. At least some parts were technically plausible even if some of the technology described is still beyond the state of the art.
Don't get me wrong, Michael. I enjoyed the book more than the movie as well (I enjoyed having my appendix out more than the movie). But visually, the Titanic breaking the surface almost 100% intact was really exciting.

The rest of the movie should be excised from collective human memory.
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>>The rest of the movie should be excised from collective human memory.<<

No disagreement there. For the money they spent on the production, they could have been more faithful to the book itself. Not that the book was any great literary masterpiece but the author never claimed otherwise.
I know! With the money and the effort that went into it, it should have been electrifying.

I think there were a few missteps:

1) The script
2) The script
3) The script
4) Richard Jordan
5) Jerry Jameson (hiring a TV director!?)

The special effects were some of the best of the 1970s and 80s (we'll lump it into the 70s because that's when it was filmed). Ann Archer was keeee-yute. Jason Robards was perfect casting.

Zack Wyatt

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I agree with you both, Jeremy and Mike.

Jeremy, you had your appendix removed?!

Have any of you guys found pictures of the web of the Titanic in the book, mastless and funnel-less?
>>The rest of the movie should be excised from collective human memory.<<

Except for one other scene...them finding the wreck. Just for the effects/model and the soundtrack if nothing else. Oh, and the scene when Titanic finally arrives in New York.

The rest can go!

Alex Clark

The ken Marschall painting from about 1977 of the wreck, raised with a single funnel showing was interesting. I believe it was concept work for the film. It's on his website.