Titanic's Architecture


Hilary Coombs

I'm a student who was assigned a project with Titanic's architectural design as my topic. However, I must have 3 questons that relate to my topic that must have alot of information.I have thought up of one: how did the design of the Titanic affect the sinking? if anyone has a website or a usful link that relates to this I would be very grateful.I was also wondering if anyone else knows what my 2 other questions could be. Thank-you very much!

Kathy A. Miles

Hi Hilary
Here's a suggestion for another question:
After Titanic's sinking, design changes were made to her younger sister ship, Britanic. How did these design changes affect Britanic's sinking?

Or try this one:
The Great Eastern was a ship built around 1850 and was built to be as safe as possible. How closely did Titanic compare with the Great Eastern.

Rather than go to websites, I'd recommend hitting the library and getting Walter Lord's two classics, A Night to Remember and The Night Lives On. The second of my two questions is answered in those books.

Good Luck