Titanic’s Bell

Jared Daniel

May 6, 2020
Hi y’all,

I’m new to the forum and have had a fascination with ship’s bells all of my life. Being a shipwreck diver I’m deeply appreciative of the meaning of the bell on a vessel and have had some fascination with the Titanic’s bell that I saw in Boston in 1995 and the lack of information on it.

I have found some sources indicating that Titanic had at least 2 bells of varying size in the crows nest, and the platform between stacks 2 and 3. How many bells where on her in general and where would they be located? I saw that Britannic had one at the base of her forward mast on the Starboard side. Did Titanic have one there also?

Also, what is the story behind the salvaged bell that is displayed? Where did it come from? Thanks in advance.


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