Titanic's Boat Train Driver?


Dec 15, 2019
At the current moment, I'm trying to find out if I have any possible connection to officer widle's sister - officer Wilde's sister married a Mr. Jones . Although I highly doubt that I am, whilst doing so, I came across another possible connection to the Titanic.

My Dear Aunt is still in connection to her and my dads family - they all English BTW, she kindly received information on my dads side of the family etc... The fathers side of the family.

Please See below.

"Have found some old pics of my Dad’s family I thought you might like. First one n left, your great grandfather Edward Jones. Don’t have his birth or death info yet. I do know that he was a Locomotive Engine Driver. Middle pic, your grandfather (my dad) Arthur William Henry Jones born July 10, 1924, died Feb 13, 1979. "

End Quote.
I do have my dads family photos on hand.

One of those images with my great grand father states they were living in London, owned a house in London. I'm not sure ( still waiting on more information) that my great grand father was born in London.

I can only presume atm that my great grand father was born around 1890-( going by that his son was born 1924) Which would make him 21 years of age in 1912 driving locomotives from London.

There is a chance that my great grand father could had been one of those locomotives drivers that took Titanics officers , crew and passengers to the Titanic in south hampton from London.

I still need more information which I will request from my aunt, but if by any chance anyone would know where I could find information on who were the men that drove those Titanic trains In April 1912?. I would be very much grateful to you.

Thank you ☺

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