Titanics distress call

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Kevin Murphy

May 17, 2006
I was wondering what exactly was Titanics distress call message(if known) and who responded to it? did any ships near by receive it and not respond?
And what was the response given by the ship(s) to the Titanic?

I'm sure this has been asked b4 but i carn't find a thread about this subject anywhere on the boards.
Thanks in advance
May 3, 2005

I'm also sure that the answer to your question is somewhere (?) on the ET website.

Harold Bride went into some detail on his testimony to the Senate Inquiry. He mentions sending "CQD DE MGY" (CQD=The Distress Call
DE=From , MGY=The Titanic's Call Letters),etc., and later sending "SOS" ("The New Call")

Carpathia was determined to be the closest to respond, etc.Frankfurt was thought to be the closest, but according to Bride, the operator on the Frankfurt did not seem to realize what was taking place....."He did not know his business" was I believe Bride's testimony.

I have another question on this subject.:
Some of the testimony seem to indicate that Philips and Bride were sending the distress call up to the end, but were receiving no replies. While in other movies there seemed to be continuous exchanges of communications between Titanic and Carpathia right up to the moment when the power finally failed on Titanic. It would also seem that continuous communications between Titanic and Cape Race would have been possible but I don't remember seeing any information on this aspect.

Does anyone have information on the above ?

Regards to all,

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