Titanic's funnels


Charley Smith

Thank you - this is a wonderful, well thought out article you've done! Very helpful in considering the possibilities and an interesting read. I've always been partial to the slightly warmer 'pinkish' range, but now I agree with your evidence that it's likely not accurate. I'd still like a chip off that old funnel - bet you would too! :D

Robert T. Paige

Jeremy, I suspect you have a few wires crossed on your sources of information. The funnels were manufactured of steel at the Harland and Wolff Shipyard,and the bacteria which are slowly eating away at the hull are iron eating. The reason the funnels didn't survive as long is due to the metal being thinner. Since all they were needed for was to remove exhaust gasses from the boilers, they hardly needed to be made of the same inch thick plate as the hull.

Michael H. Standart
This is another one of those items from something I read somewhere .....LOL

When the funnels were being removed from RMS Queen Mary in preparation to conversion to Queen Mary Hotel , they fell apart because they were so thin and flimsy that they had
been corroded so far that " they were just being held together by the coats of paint on them."


Well idk if this is too accurate or not but like with the new cgi there was this and I think this is the funnel.


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