Titanic's Future

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Nathan Lee Casteel

Hello everybody the Titanic's future isn't looking to good right now as you know we HAD the chance to SAVE it and failed to do so. But have you people ever heard that "We can do anything if we put our minds to it?" Well I have and I will NEVER give up on the Titanic. Now people are saying that "There is no way to Raise the Titanic" I know I argued w/ you people in the past. But I know there is a way to Raise it, but the thing is TIME. We got to take our time and I know that we can Raise it if we all work together


Adam Leet

::sigh:: Here we go again.

Wait...when did we lose our chance to save Titanic? I'm assuming before she hit the 'berg.

Dear God Nathan, i wasted my time because of the nonsense you posted. Do know what being 2 1/2 miles on the ocean floor for 90 years does to a ship????? It makes it really really frail. The Titanic will desenegrate on its own pretty soon so do you know what would happen if we tried to reaise it? It would make it desenegrate. Your ruining the Titanic if you try to raise it. The Titanic belongs on the ocean floor. And thats were its been for 90 years and thats where it will hopefully allways be unless some fool tried to raise it and ruined it. Nathan, while technology is unbelieveable today, we still don't have the technology to raise the Titanic, and if we did we shouldn't raise it. It's not just the Titanic that sits right there. It is 1200 people's grave..(300 were recovered). If they would have had technology to go there in 1912 you would have found bodies littered all around and even in the Titanic. So by raising it your disturbing the final resting place of many people. But wait Nathan....we CAN'T raise it. There is no way. Titanic will be long gone before the technology is there to be able to perform such a project.
Quit dreamin pal.
Oh and by the way Nathan...to add what I already said....This thread doesn't even belong here. Nothing in your post has anything to do with Titanic on TV. The whole reason they are divided into sections is so each section is specific on a topic. This belongs in Discovery/Salvage/exploration

As Adam described to you, it is literally impossible to raise the Titanic. I will go into no further detail as he did a fine of job of explaining the reasons why this cannot be done.

However, I have a question for you: Why do you want to see the Titanic raised? I mean, think for a minute, man: Even if it was possible to raise the wreck, what would you do with it? She is only a shell of her former self, and is doing much better resting on the bottom of the North Atlantic than she would be on the surface. What would you do, go for a stroll on the Boat Deck? I think not, my friend!


Nathan, it ain't gonna happen. No way, no how. The wreck is too far gone after 90 years and even if she was pristine, her structural integrity alone is hopelessly compromised.

As we have hashed over this befor, you may want to read the following threads for more information. Go to;




The realities are harsh, but they just don't go away.
Oh for pity's sake. Let's try and put this as simply as possible, and please excuse the "shouting".


Richard K. Mason

Dear Nathan:

We can all dream about living our fantasies out the "Clive Cussler Way", but let's face it.....
going to the moon was far easier than raising a broken ship that has lain under water for 90 years. Don't you think that if anything, science should try to develop a way to preserve what remains under the sea rather than destroy it by attempting to give it new life? I know this may sound stupid, but if God wanted the ship to see the light of day again, it would have happened by now. At least we know she's still there, like the Britannic, the Lusitania, the Andrea Doria, and the Empress of Ireland, the Titanic needs to remain un-disturbed.
Yes, thanks guys for appreciating that point. Some meaningful discussion on the advisability of raising large portions of the hull, the conservation and exhibition of same could take place on the Discovery/Salvage/ Exhibit thread under topics. There is also a thread on The Big Piece which includes some of the points raised here. Shall we move on over and establish camp there?
I consider this thread case closed Shelly. Theres simply nothing more to be discussed. Titanic can't be raised and thats final.
Actually Adam, that was an attempt at a little civil diplomacy on my part. Threads will be closed after moderators and Phil decide they serve no useful purpose. They are sometimes sent to a Recycle Bin, but rarely ever deleted. This is a safeguard, and a wise one, to prevent one person, who may have a strong opinion on a subject from wielding sole power on what is viewable to the general board membership. The operative word in my post above was "meaningful"- it is entirely possible to have something of value to contribute regarding hull salvage, conservation and possible exhibition. This is an objective observation and has no bearing on my personal opinion as to whether the ship could or should be raised. My personal feeling on the matter, for the record, is that the expense would be frightful, the preservation of even one large section prohibitive, the benefits of the operation, as far as providing any useful purpose, negligible- and the feasibility of bringing up anything in such an advanced state of deterioration nothing short of miraculous. Others may choose to differ, and any intelligent counterpoint should find a venue for expression.
Shelly I know what you were trying to do. That was a good idea but the point I'm trying to make is talking about raising Titanic is a waste of time.
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