Titanic's later ports of call

Apr 1, 2011
If Titanic had not sunk what were her later ports of call after she returned to Europe? I am trying to find if there is truth to a family story that my grandfather would have sailed on the Titanic on one of her return trips from Europe to New York. He finally arrived in New York May 29, 1912 on the SS Potsdam sailing from Rotterdam, so I am looking for the return trips and ports between April and the end of May 1912.

Jason D. Tiller

Aug 20, 2000
Niagara Falls, Ontario
Hello Jacqueline,

Welcome aboard!

If Titanic had made her maiden eastbound voyage, her ports of call would have been the same as her maiden voyage, with one exception. Plymouth, England was an eastbound call, as opposed to Queenstown, Ireland (now Cobh) which was just a westbound call, as of March 1907.

So, it would have been Plymouth - Cherbourg - Southampton.

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