Cam Houseman

Jul 14, 2020
Maryland, USA
Did you say... black and tan? xD

Now seriously, here are some other flooring patterns

Parquet flooring (from 1st Class suites)

View attachment 75311

1st Class private bathrooms (there were orange and cream or red and cream, as seen on the wreck)

View attachment 75312

And, as an extra, some linoleum patterns found on Nomadic, they're the same as 1st Class Dining Room, but the red and blue colors inverted
View attachment 75313
You can look them here
those are AWESOME, thank you for sharing!! :D

I had a conversation with Bill Sauder thus morning, discussing the tiling of Titanic's F-Deck Landing behind the Grand Staircase, and he said that that landing had the Grand Staircase (Louie XIV) tiling, the Star pattern.

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