Titanic's log

Gary Truscott

Feb 16, 2008
I've been wondering about Titanic's log.
Can anyone enlighten me as to how the log was stored? For instance was it in a leather cover or perhaps stored in a tin container? Possibly a sealed container?
I'm interested in the possibility that the log may still be able to be recovered. I'm led to believe that some papers have been recovered from the wreck, papers that were still readable. It's worth considering that Major Peuchens wallet was found, complete with contents and even his calling card was in fairly good condition, after all those years on the ocean floor.
I know little about a ship's log but could the log solve any mysteries relating to the Titanic disaster? I would appreciate any answers to my queries.
I originally and accidentally posted this message to the Titanic's books area. I also called the Major a Mayor! Apologies for that idescretion.
Dec 2, 2000
Easley South Carolina
FWIW, the log could solve some mysteries as it would havea record of certain orders given, actions taken and events which prompted those actions...IF it was properly kept up to date. Bridge dicipline was taken very seriously by the White Star line so I would think that at least up to the time of the collision, it was kept in fairly good order. However, what happened after that is anybodies guess. In all the confusion of trying to evacuate the ship, it either never occurred to anyone to see to the logs safekeeping...or they all assumed that "Somebody else" would see to it.

The log may also tend to cloud up some mystries too, especially if any known or supposed events don't agree with what's entered.

Since the log would have been kept on the bridge somewhere, I would bet long odds against it ever being recovered if it's intact as most of the bridge was swept away as the ship sank. Only the wheel seems to have survived the trip to the bottem. My bet is that if the log has survived, then it's in the debris field somewhere.

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