Titanic's Marconi System power supply

Nov 14, 2005
I can't stretch to the cost but I'd be reasonably certain that there would be some wiring schemes and drawings in a set of books called "The SHIP Magnificent" which is probably the most comprehensive guide to the ships construction.

I agree regarding the development and installation of the Marconi sets. I think the technological development of the equipment was occurring reasonably rapidly at the time therefore as lessons were learnt from one instillation they would be applied to the next and so on.

According to studies of the visible parts of the Titanic's Marconi System in the wreck, the DC supply breaker is open and the AC supply side closed.

It's slightly amusing to think one of the operators turned the system off as they were leaving the office which would have been a completely pointless operation with the ship having minutes left on the surface.
Yes it does seem a little pointless but that was probably ingrained in them to shut it down. Kinda of like auto pilot for them. Reminds me of that scene in Gone withe the Wind...locking the front door to keep the Union army out of their house when they were sacking Atlanta.
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