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I believe the ship could have appeared to rise into the air because she was listing and sinking. Do you know on what time the witness observer her rising into the air?

BTW I cannot see your pictures for some reason, and I really would like to see them.

Thank you.

I used to believe that was the moment the Titanic rose high into the air, but Gibson said her red light (port side light) was also higher in the air when he observed all of her lights rising up together. If he was observing the Titanic's stern in the air then her red side light should have been well submerged, but instead it was elevated higher up with all of her other lights together. Gibson gave the time that he and 2nd officer Stone noticed her lights high out of the water.

Q - What had you noticed between one o'clock and twenty minutes past one, looking at her through your glasses?
A - The Second Officer remarked to me, "Look at her now; she looks very queer out of the water; her lights look queer."

"It seemed to be higher out of the water than what it was before."


I believe the Titanic turned northwards and was facing the Californian almost head on. This not only disguised her true size, but the refraction made her elevate and appear closer as well.


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Sep 28, 2016
Thank you for sharing a very nice image of what appears to be a great illustration of a towering effect!
But, the documentary you're pointing out to says it was a superior mirage, and remember people from the Californian could see nothing, but the lights.
Here's an example of the ships lights under superior mirage conditions https://timmaltin.files.wordpress.com/2016/04/screen-shot-2016-04-10-at-22-38-01.png?w=768 Has any witness reported seeing anything like that?
One more question, if I may please. How many witnesses reported seeing rockets go low?
Thank you!

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