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Nov 12, 2000
Hi all,

for those of you who have remarked that you are having a hard time finding books on my website, because you can't remember the author - just for you I have added An Index to Titles. this new addition is an alphabetic listing by title of all the books listed on the Book List pages.

in preparing the Title Index for my website I came up with the following fascinating, if totally irrelevent facts:

Number of books about Titanic that begin with the letter 'T' (excluding titles that start with 'The', obviously): 212. close to 50% of all books on the subject.

Number of letters for which there are no Titanic books: 3. there are no Titanic titles that start with Q, X, or Z.

The least letter used to begin Titanic titles after the above: 2. there are just two titles that start with 'K'.

Number of books that are just called 'Titanic': 28. so much for originality!

Number of Titanic books or Titanic related books where 'Titanic' is NOT in the title: 135. the most famous being, of course, A Night to Remember.

Number of books with 'Titanic' in the title that have NOTHING whatsoever to do with the ship or the disaster: 6. (although I have probably missed a couple of these).

who said statistics weren't fun?!?!?!?

all the best, Michael (TheManInBlack) T

p.s. for those who pay attention to such things, there are no new pictures of covers on the Title List yet. I hope to have different covers for this page shortly.
Nov 12, 2000
anywhere you can Kyrila, anywhere you can.:).

seriously, a lot of the books are quite easy to find, and a lot are just about impossible to find. that is why I created the scarcity rating for books on my website. the rating is a handy way of telling quickly whether a book is going to be hard to find or not. if I list the book as 'very scarce' and you find a copy you can afford, grab it quick! because if you don't someone else will be right behind you!

a copy of Diana Bristow's Sinking the Myths was available recently, and that is one tough book to find. I was surprised to see the listing lasted almost a week before a lucky someone snatched it up.

the best way to search for out of print books is to use the used book search engine sites. the two best, AddAll.com/used and Bookfinder.com are listed on my site on the Recommended Sites page. see the listing 'Book Search Engine Sites'.

when it comes to new titles it gets a little trickier. some titles are published just in the U.S., others are published only in the U.K. to really keep current on what is being released you need to search new book sites in both markets.

then there is stuff printed by the specialty sites, like stuff published by the Titanic Historical Society, or The British Titanic Society; and the only way to even find out about these books is to be a member and get their newsletters.

finally some books are privately published, and about the only way to hear about them is to spend time on sites like ET, where usually someone will mention the book exists and how to order it. you can find a lot of these kinds of books on the New Book Alerts page on my site, as I try to post information about these books, and how to order them.

and don't even get me started on the foreign language stuff! that is why I forced myself to stay with just the books in English. a decision I have a terrible feeling I am going to regret some day.....

so the bottom line is that Titanic book hunting is about a full time occupation. the good news is that through the internet you have access to more of this stuff than at any other time in the history of printing!

um, did this answer your question????

Michael (TheManInBlack) T
Dec 8, 2000
LOL! Any where and everywhere: Mike T, you are so right it's not funny.

And you forgot to mention that you've added an excellent, user-friendly search engine to your site to make it even easier to find all the stuff you've got up there. Yay!

Way to go,

Nov 12, 2000
but I won't forget to send accolades your way, Fiona, for suggesting the search engine in the first place. thanks, your the best!

Michael (TheManInBlack) T

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