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TMRA site (titanic-model.com) is down

Discussion in 'Titanic Models and Modelmaking' started by Kodos the Executioner, Apr 3, 2018.

  1. Hey folks,

    Was just on their site the other day, and now am getting a message from the Paralells H-Sphere Account:

    "Account suspended
    Account for domain titanic-model.com has been suspended"

    Anyone know what's going on with those guys?
    Are they moving or having host/server issues?



    "Mister Lowe! Take a bosun's party and a Master-at-Arms, and get those children off the forepeak railing at once!"
  2. It seems it is indeed down, though anyone needing access to paint articles and other dib-dabs can still get to it via the wayback machine: Wayback Machine
  3. Sauli.

    Sauli. Member

    As informative as the site has been, it had it's problems and this comes no surprise. Let's hope that it's only temporary.
  4. Sadly the side is gone for ever, the content got lost.
    It is unclear who owned the page and the person who did seemed to have cancel it without warning.
  5. Dave Gittins

    Dave Gittins Member

  6. Sauli.

    Sauli. Member

    Something very strange happened in TRMA about two years ago, I think. Art announced the new trustees of the site. Brian Flynn, Matt O'Brien and John Hodge. After that, I never saw those people contributing to the site anymore..it seemed that they vanished into thin air. And again after that, the site got quieter and quieter.. I don't know if this is the result of all that.
  7. Hopefully so, Dave.
    Like 'Animations' said, the paint and other articles at the very least should be saved *somewhere*.
  8. Dave Gittins

    Dave Gittins Member

    The last capture on the Wayback Machine in Feb 2018 shows the trustees as I gave them above. The entire site seems to be there. According to whois.com, the domain name is registered until 31 July 2019. Fishy!
  9. From what I was told the point is that no one knows who is the owner of it and someone cancelled it without warning. The trustees themselves seem not to know who it was and what happened.
  10. Sauli.

    Sauli. Member

    A good chance for someone to put up the TRMA in the Facebook platform ;)
  11. Jack Raby

    Jack Raby Member

    It's not the first time interesting websites disappear suddenly so I usually keep copies of the ones I find useful. That's why I've made a copy of the TRMA site in December 2017. I can post a link to it, should anyone be interested.
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  12. Hi Jack.
    Please do, there are many references to the TRMA throughout this entire thread, be good to find them
  13. Jack Raby

    Jack Raby Member

    Here is the link to my copy of the TRMA website (Zip file 500Mb).
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  14. Cheers Jack.
    Fantastic you saved it and sharing.