Tom Silva Lusitania

Mike Poirier

Dec 12, 1999
I'd like to congratulate Senan Molony on a job well done with his article on Lusitania victim, Thomas Silva. It was quite thorough and an enjoyable read. The only thing I could think to add is that he was in cabin D-21, his steward was William McLeod and that his family filed a claim afterwards. It is interesting to read how he Silva was well thought off by his fellow surviving passengers. Good show!
Jun 8, 2002
I also want to congratulate Mr. Molony on his excellent article on Silva. The original documents and correspondence were wonderful to read.

By the way, I live 15 minutes from Temple, Texas, and did not know that we had a Temple resident aboard the "Lusitania". By chance, Mr. Molony, do you have a residence address or his business address in Temple? There are many fine old homes in North Temple that were built before 1915, and it's still a good neighborhood with active, ongoing preservation efforts.

Best regards,
Doug Willingham

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