Topic of discussion on Titanic was the Raisingand sinking of the USS Maine

Jan 7, 2002
Remember the Maine! Destroyed in Havana in 1898, and raised in 1911/12. The intact stern section was towed out to sea and sunk on March 16, 1912, basically a month before Titanic sunk. No doubt that popped up in converstion on Titanic.


Tarn Stephanos

christopher marshall

Thank you for that i didnt know about that they raised a part of a ship then sunk it again that was a waste then
Apr 3, 2005
Not really a waste though. After 13-14 years in warm salty water there wouldn't be too much to salvage. (Even if parts of it were in fairly good shape)
The ship itself was probably only worth the scrap value of it's metal after the explosion.
(And most likely was pretty much obsolete by the time it was raised i'd imagine)
Better to raise what they could and sink it out to sea where it wouldn't be laying in a busy harbor imho.

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