Total Number Of Titanic Books

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I am sure this question has probably been asked before, perhaps Michael Tennaro can answer this for me. Just how many books on the Titanic disaster has been written to date? Or a round about number. Any information would be greatly appreciated.
According to Michael Tennero's site, there are over 520 different titles that have been or are in print, with the number jumping to over 700 if you count assorted reprints.

Michael H. Standart
And that's just the ones written in English.
I've branched out a little bit and now have a few in German, Swedish, Flemish, Polish, French and even British (Hi, Geoff). This Titanic Book Virus can be an expensive disease.
Hi Mike,
actually, that 554 includes books written in British as well as English! ;-).

you are a brave man to branch out into the foreign language titles. are you sure you have any idea what you are getting yourself into?

best, Michael (TheManInBlack) T
Michael (TMITB):
That's the only possible way I can come up with a book that you may not have heard of yet, old buddy. Actually, if truth be known, most of my foreign books have lots of pictures, like Claes-Goran Wetterholm's big book "Titanic." And now I have another book on the shelf, the Swedish to English dictionary.

The trouble with foreign books, though, is you don't have a clue if they are poorly written or just the fault of the language-challenged reader.

I remember Shelley Dzi relating how Walter Lord has copies of "A Night To Remember" in all the different languages it has been translated into on his shelf (my grammar check is currently allowing dangling participles, BTW). Sometimes the editorial you has to admit that some of the books on the shelf are just ornaments.

In the case of the Wetterholm book: the text
and information is well written and documented.
I, too, ran to Barnes and Noble in 1988 when I
got my copy, to purchase a Swedish to English
dictionary. Didn't get very far except for the
nouns. Thank heavens for translators!
PS...speaking of books...that volume that you
were looking for and I have a copy of....there
is one on e-bay for 9.99. Have you found one


Has anyone ever seen a copy of Thomas Andrews notebook? The only place that I have ever seen it was on James Cameron's "Titanic Explorer" CD and what information I could read on it was very interesting.
I appreciate the feedback.

A Ha! make that 555 titles. I don't think the Andrews notebook has made it onto the list yet. mostly because this is one of those ephemeral items I have not seen yet.

anyway, Beverly, to answer your question, it is my understanding that the Thomas Andrews Notebook was created specifically for the Titanic Explorer computer game. it was only available by buying the game. what makes matters worse, is that at some point they stopped including it, as I bought a copy of the game quite a while after it was released specifically to get that booklet, and it was no longer included. ;-(

by the way, this seems to be a huge collectible area I was unaware of. apparently they did something similar with a tie-in to the last Indiana Jones movie. apparently some game included a Grail Diary, which is now going for big bucks when you can find it. collectors are an amazing breed.

all the best, Michael (TheManInBlack)
Michael TMIB. Do you happen to know if the only "choose your own adventure" childrens book on the Titanic is "Terror on the Titanic" by author Jim Wallace?
Thanks. ;-)
Dear Michael,

Thank you for that information. I am wondering, who would have the publishing rights to Thomas Andrews Notebook? It is quite fascinating.

Coaling! um, I mean, Colleen! how the heck are ya? not overimbibing the dewski's are you? anyway, you are correct, Jim Wallace's Terror on the Titanic is one of the "choose your own adventure" books. although this series is now up to something like 180 titles, as far as I know there are no others in this series on the Titanic.

Beverly, I don't know the answer to your question. if you have the Notebook, somewhere in there, there should be a copyright statement and that would tell you who owns the rights to the book. as this was done as a movie tie-in, I suspect the copyright will end up being owned by Paramount. but that is purely a guess.

all the best, Michael (TheManInBlack) T
Thanx again Michael!

Ok, I now pose another question, but seeing as how I read this in "Titanic Voices" I shall go to that thread to ask about the coal shutes.


David Haisman

Hi There,

Here's another book to add to the list, ''RAISED ON THE TITANIC'' which at the moment is half way between Brisbane and Tilbury. Watch this space for it's arrival around the first week in August along with further info.
David Haisman

David Haisman

Hi Everyone,
My book has finally arrived and anyone interested, other than those that have already placed an order, please e-mail me for further details.

Yours Sincerely,
David Haisman
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