Tour of Factory with Olympic fittings

Jan 4, 2005
I know it is an extremely long shot - but does anyone know if the beaded crystal chandeliers that were used in the Olympic's Grand Staircase are anywhere available for sale and what one may cost? I have seen one or two of the crystal cut bowl lights, but none of the beaded ones.

Eddie T Petruskevich
Sep 28, 2004
Hey Guys
Just wondering a couple of things related to this posting. Does anyone know why Douglas Smith is always credited as being the guy who bought all the stuff for the Haltwhistle site in 1935. According to the original auctioneers catalogue, Walton is listed as the bidder on all the lots, and a lot he bought too!!! I assume there must be some historical reason for people accrediting Smith but I just can't find any evidence at the moment. By the way, has anyone got any images of the board room and staircase carvings that surrounded the paintings from Olympics Forward Grand Staircase?? I am looking to do a reconstruction of the above as they would have been installed on Olympic.

Stu Lythgoe
Jun 11, 2004
HI Tarn,

Part of the ceiling did sell but most of it still exists in the Canteen area where it was installed.
I still have part of one of the Star shapes that I took down for the auction but did not sell.

I am listing items at the moment and have included an account of the number of items listed in both auctions and what percentage was sold I did this because some one else is listing items who shall remain nameless and giving false information surrounding the Auction and the availability of items from the Haltwhistle site. a check on eBay under White Star line titanic olympic will show my comments and this other sellers comments that are fantasy fiction. this seller is a legend in his own mind. the company he is stating as "selling the entire fixtures and fittings at the Haltwhistle paint works" and that these items are only available from a company that was dissolved on the 20.o2.2007 I will let you work out who I am on about.any questions about the Haltwhistle site I am more than willing to answer

jason stolsek

Jan 19, 2006
Olympic panelling burnt in the yard? What kind was burnt, does anyone know? I can't imagine anyone burning first class carved woodwork because it was extra. Anyone knows something like that could be sold off.


Mar 14, 2017
Los Angeles, CA
If anyone is interested i own quite a bit of pieces from Olympics Fittings. Nothing like Ken Marshall but I have a large chunk of staircase paneling, a Column, and about 7 strips of trim/moulding. I also own several dishes and a 3/1912 marked dinner plate. I've posted various times here on ET, but I think they get missed or buried due to the somewhat disorganization of how the forum is set up. Let me know if y'all are interested and I'll try to post a comprehensive post of all my items on here. I'm just not sure where is best?

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