Tracing Possible Bloodline Connection to Edward John Smith


David Howard

I was a "Smith" by birth.

When I was re-united with my bio-mother 20 years ago, she told me, vaguely, I have a bloodline connection to Captain Smith.

I never gave it much stock nor investigated, but now that my son has taken an interest in genealogy, I'm doing some research.

I can see that it can't be a direct descendant bloodline, because Smith's grandson's died childless.

However, my bio-mother's paternal grandparents were born in England.

Any tips on researching the Captain's family tree for a less direct connection?
Thanks, but I'm looking for something specific re: Captain John Smith, not general genealogy research guidance.
Hi David I have been researching my family for over 20 years and on the way, gathering information from my family and a friend I met on ET many years ago I learnt that E J Smith was my 1st cousin 3 x removed, he was cousin to my great grandmother. I had lot of help and guidance and found many records on site. Have you a family tree on there if you have I can share my information with you which might help you to find your own connection to the Smith family.
Just to say to David that Captain Smith had a brother who was also captain for the White Star Line. I have read this in the book "Sea of Glass" (3d Edition, 2015 -- original edition was of 2012). And maybe you can reach one of the author, Tad Fitch who is a member of this site. Maybe he will able to help you out to get you some leads. Good Luck, and maybe I would not be the only one who like to hear the outcome of your researches. :).
Captain Smith had a brother who was also captain for the White Star Line.
White Star had at least three other captains named Smith---Harry and William (who were brothers) and Robert---but to my knowledge none of them was E. J. Smith's brother. Who are you referring to here, Lili Marlene?
Smith did not have a brother, he had a half brother, Joseph Hancock, but though he too was a sailor he never served with the White Star Line.
It was Captain Smith's half brother Joseph Hancock who had as part of his crews E J Smith when he first went to sea aboard Gibson Line sailing ships like Senator Webber and other sailing ships he commanded.