Transport of models

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I am have several titanic models and have found out that I may have to move in august. Does anyone know how to transport them without them being completly demolished?
Exactly what kind of models are we talking about? What are they made of? Also, how large are they?

A lot of it would depend on these three factors, although generally speaking I would probably go with lining the shipping boxes with bubble wrap or a similar packing material. Perhaps you could even fill the box with those styrofoam peanuts. Even then you're going to be looking at a small risk of damage, but lining the box with these materials could keep that risk at a minimum.
Michael - On my last move I had to transport 83 different Titanic and other ship models ranging from five feet long to the normal small ones. On the advice of my local museum I handed the task to a reputable Removal (well insured) company - I accepted their advice and gave instructions - shut my eyes crossed my fingers and hoped for the best.
Result was 100% safe delivery and installation and it never cost that much over the top either.
Mind you just ten days after I moved I found one of my wifes cats sound asleep on top of a model having done about £100 worth of damage etc. You cant win them all.
Cheers Brian
PS The cat is still alive!
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