Trap door of calle front bridge and Brackets for the life rafts and the teak slats of the bridge of

Codus Lionel

Oct 11, 2006
Marseille " FRANCE "
Hi Everybody,

Or I owe possitioned on my plan, the brackets of the hatchway?

Because I do not know the which with dimensions one not placed?

I item four small part of picture and let me know if small the plan that I post and good as that I would carry out it identical to the plan

that I post.

I item four pictures of the bridge of the boat of the lusitania and I would like to know if what I have to surround in red and many brackets

for the life rafts?

Is what under teak wood of the bridge of the boats the cuts its to cross normally or they one was to cross in angle like I representing them on.

Which from my three diagram and the good for the floor of the boats of the lifeboats?

my plan of the front bridge?

Thank you for your assistance.






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