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ooch comrade, didn't realise it was an exploding cigar!
>Her married name was the same as a famous >TV/Movie Star and (probably former) heartthrob of >American women.

What with all this talk of ceeegars...........Clinton?
Is SHATNER the correct answer?

Re:What with all this talk of ceeegars...........Clinton?
Sorry, he can play a mean sax, but he was never a TV Actor. "The Other President" was the actor.
Or could it be "Reagan" ("The GE Commercials", "Cattle Queen of Montana").

BTW, Phil, do you have any information, however sketchy, on when Ms. Daniels died?
No, Shatner isn't the name, not Clinton or Reagan either. But the "gun" guy is, as a matter of fact, a big cigar aficionado. Gee, two clues in one day--I'm getting too chatty.

Phil, I've got it!! After serious consultation with Messrs. Hind, Behe,Bigham et al.......could it be "Lassie"??


(or possibly Rin Tin Tin?)
Boy I'm sorry that I started this. All I wanted to know was her married name and when she died. I'll think twice before I ask another question.
I've been watching this thread VERY closely - and dozed off twice.

"Gun" and "Big Cigar Aficionado", hm?

Edward G. Robinson?

Best regards,
Hey Phil.

Hmm. Can't say about the cigars. But "Gun" brings to mind Blake Edwards (Peter Gunn) or Jim Arness (Gunsmoke), since presumably it's someone from an older series.

Pat Winship
Magnum P.I.---Tom Selleck
N.R.A.--- Charlton Heston

Watch me get it, since I don't like cigars.......
Guns and's not that bloke Hannibal out of the A-Team, is it?
George Peppard - machine gun in hand, chewing on cigar....."I love it when a plan comes together" etc. etc.

(Even I can write the scripts)
Clint Eastwood perhaps? He packs a pretty big gun.

Favourite line "Do you feel lucky today?"

Michael H. Standart