Trevor Allison Remembered

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Well, what are you waiting for, Phil: For that lucky person:
"Go Ahead, Make My Day!!" (the other famous line).

John Clifford
Hold it..... It's so easy... It is the gun toting, cigar smoking,Mr. Gowan.......
Oh wait... he said heart throb too didn't he!?!? :)
Hmmm. back to the drawing board........
Well I guess if the only way I can get an answer is to make a guess, I believe that the one who said Mr. Heston, was right. I mean come on the cigar smoking head of the N.R.A. Now may I please have a date of death for Ms. Daniels?

Please excuse our juvenile antics.

But as for Sarah Daniels, I suspect we won't be finding out a lot more, for a while at least.

They can't help it Jana- too many weeks with no FunnelFlicks and movie trivia. My money is on Tom Selleck- E.G. Robinson was NO heart throb.C'mon Phil- I cry "uncle"!
I understand, I rarely have that much free time. Thanks for the help you all have given, but, will the death date be another trivia contest? If so, make it easy, I don't think I can take much more.
Mr Gowan... The cigar I graciously give to you! (The rubber chicken still belongs to Josh!) :)