Triangle Fire 100th Anniversary March 2011

May 27, 2007
Well, they have the first public hearing regarding the fire here,

however I see my earlier link that I posted to the fire doesn't work so my advice is for folks to bring up google and type in Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire Trial.

This site here has the original Fire report and also has excerpts from the trial and even a map plus Newspaper accounts and NY building codes and safety laws. I was browsing through it last night and it all looks pretty fascinating.

I wish i wasn't laying down a floating floor and then putting together a entertainment center shelf today or I would have more time to pursue and look the website over more. I have to work tomorrow so I will probably look more at it on Tuesday.


Apr 8, 2012
Triangle Fire 1911

On a trip from England, I went to the Brown Building (as it is now called) in New York. Looked up to the floor where the poor victims had to jump. Tenth floor or eighth floor doesn't sound so high. But when you're there, it's high. Horribly high.


Dec 5, 2012
Dear Encyclopedia Titanica Posters,

I watched a PBS special about the fire during February of last year, but, on the exact date of the disaster, I turned on the television, and, to my horror, not one solitary tribute show was available on ANY of the Cable channels that my family gets! I would have thought that at least ONE talk show host would have done a show about worker safety, and that the disaster would have at LEAST been DISCUSSED!

I did a radio show about "Newsies" around the time of the disaster's exact anniversary, explaining that my show was dedicated to the victims of the fire, and saying that I WOULD have presented "Rags", had I been able to get the soundtrack (That musical deals with the issue of the Triangle fire).

I am saddened to think that a disaster like that which happened at the Triangle Factory does not seem to be that important to more new American citizens, more workers, and more women of today.

I own a recent book about the fire, and I WISH that I owned the 1979 TV movie about it, because, well, it's TOUGH to find movies about various disasters that happened during The Gilded Age.

Thank you in advance for your replies.

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