Trip to Liverpool: Any archives anyone might want info from?

Hello everyone,

In a week, I will be travelling to Liverpool (home of White Star Line and Cunard's Head Quarters etc) to see the Liverpool International Music Festival and everything Nautical related.

While there, I'm thinking of going to Liverpool's library to look up old Newspapers archives on the Titanic / Olympic. But is there anything else anyone might like me to look up? Like any reports on Captain Lord, dock directories etc.

I can't promise anything, but if there's anything anyone might want me to research, I be happy to look it up while there.


Not really anything to research but I myself will be heading to Liverpool in October, so maybe let me know of any cool places I should check out...? Just like your visit it will be a music (Beatles) / Titanic trip. Thanks!
On the subject of your trip, I got nothing new to add except if you want to see two quirky looking canal boats, walk around the Salthouse Docks. :D

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For me, the most important missing records are those covering civil claims brought against White Star and settled out of court. There are plenty of records about the four claims that went to court and were won by the claimants. We know that some claims were made but the details were probably lost when White Star joined Cunard. I believe some records went to the University of Liverpool. I'm not optimistic, but you may do something new and original.
I can't promise I go there, but I try.

Is the University of Liverpool's archives open to the public (i.e. easy to access)?

Edit: Nevermind, it is, at the Sydney Jones Library.
Hi Harland,

Apologies, just seen your thread this evening.

The Liverpool Maritime Museum contains the archives of Captain Stanley Lord and Leslie Harrison re The Californian. Unfortunately, there is currently no public access to the archives till the Autumn.

There is also a major exhibition on Titanic and Liverpool - the untold story.


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Rob Lawes

After too many years in the Navy and far too many nights of rum, port and cider, I'd be grateful if you could visit the children's section and find out where Spot ran in Run Spot Run?

In all seriousness though, just enjoy delving through history.
I'm Back!

Had a great time in Liverpool, the Festival was good and I took a lot of photos. By coincidence, The Cunard Queen Elizabeth also docked at the Prince's Landing Stage for a visit on the 23rd (much like the Olympic in 1911)!

Also Rob, you be very glad to hear that my search for tenuous links continued with me literally buying a book about the Alexandra Towing Company: "Take The Strain" by Tim Nicholson.

Back to Topic, and in terms of research, I spent roughly 4 hours looking though the Liverpool Newspapers* Archives via microfiche^, and aside from possibly finding a new (albeit grainy photo) of the Olympic from her River Mersey visit from June 1st 1911, I'm afraid I haven't found much. Liverpool's newspapers mostly just reprinted information relayed from Southampton or London and was greatly summarised in parts. There were a few quirky facts I managed to find however so it's not too bad.

I also looked though Liverpool's Custom Bills for the Californian but without success and unbelievably of all the Lloyds Registers there (in the Picton Reading Room for anyone interested) dating from 1764 - 1935+, of all the years, they didn't have the 1912 edition!

Aside from the minor hiccups, it was still worth the trip and I'm glad I visited the Central Library. I attach photos later.

*The Newspapers were the Liverpool Echo and Liverpool Mercury.

^Much to the surprise of a man looking though Liverpool's Birth, Marriage and Death Indexes opposite me. :eek:
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Here's some photos (Attached Below)

Note: The 2 bottom photos are of the Picton Reading Room and the Black / Brown Books on the bottom shelf are the Lloyds Register.