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deborah grace

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Hi I'm new to this site. I've jst won a trip to the wreck site and a dive down in MIR I or II. Although I have a healthy interest already, I would be grateful for any info or help that I can get. Many Thanks
Take pictures. Lots of pictures. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity that many of us here would love to stand in your shoes to have. Be prepared to be overwhelmed as you allow the ship to "get" to you. And when you get back, take time to allow the experience to absorb (in other words, meditate on what you saw so you can remember it all) then give us here a full report so we can share it with you.
By the way, I hope you didn't win it on e-Bay!

Kyrila Scully
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My aren't you the lucky one? Just how did you win this fabulous trip? The last expedition I saw to the wreck (April 2001), it looked even shabbier than it had before. It is constantly deteriorating. From what I saw, there is very little remaining in the once-vast debris field. It was actaully a rather sad sight.


Yes Debra take lots of pictures, okay?? And do like Kyrila said, try to absorb all you can, even write a little journal if you have the time, that way you won't forget any of your feelings upon seeing everything.

I didn't hear you say that you were a Titanic enthusiast, so how did you happen to win this trip to the Titanic?

Kyrila & Brandon,

Howcome I didn't know about this trip contest? Hmmmmmmm. I wonder if any other Board member around here knew of it.


Ben Holme


I noticed from your profile that you have an AOL address. A while back, I entered a competition to win a dive to the wreck with "Sub-Sea Explorer". The link to the site came up on the main "welcome" screen. Today, I received a "Sub-sea explorer" newsletter email, anouncing that the 16 winning entries had been drawn. Trouble is, when I visited the site I could not find a list of winners.

If we're talking about the same competition, could you help me out?...

Firstly welcome to the site,You are indeed a lucky and fortunate person for being able to do something that we here mortals could only dream of! as has already been mentioned please take many pictures and tell us all about your adventure when you get back. Good luck and above all else, enjoy the moment.
Best wishes

deborah grace

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The competition I entered was on the aol welcome screen some weeks ago and there were 4 million entries worldwide.The company running the trip is
I am at present trying to beg borrow and if necessary steal some decent photographic and video equipment. I have always been interested in the Titanic and I am overwhelmed at this trip of a lifetime.

Jason D. Tiller

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Hi Deborah,

Congratulations! Enjoy your trip and I also hope to see some of your pictures here.

Best regards,


Andrew Rogers

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Hi Deborah,
I was in your position almost 3 years ago.
A competition prize and all!
Believe me it pays to be well prepared.
Good photos and/or video are something that you will treasure forever. And they sometimes come in handy because most people will think you are crazy when you tell them you have just been down to see the Titanic!!
Having your own pics might stop a doubting Thomas from sending you off to the mad house!
Will be happy to help.
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Bye for now,
This contest was on an AOL welcome screen??????

Well it was probably before March because if it had been after march, I would've seen it and definitely entered.......

Once in a lifetime chance to see The Titanic for real?

Who cares if the pressure is like 6000 lbs PSI?

Who cares if I would die in a nanosecond from a split seam?????.......If I had seen it beforehand?, that would've been okay by me.

I'm jealous and I sent her mail telling her there!

Congrats Deborah, really!
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