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Mar 3, 1998

You have kept me informed of the progress of your theories all along and I have refrained from commenting in full on them for the various reasons that I have given you along the way. At this point, though, I will add another reason...I should wait for the totality of your research and reasoning and not comment on your draft in piecemeal fashion. After your plans come to fruition, and you have presented your case in full with all the evidence you would like to present, that would be the time for me to consider your argument and give you my best response.

I wish that circumstance did not prohibit me from attending the April event...I would love nothing more to attend so we can enjoy a face-to-face. I would like again to thank both you and Capt. Weeks for the invitation and it is with the most serious regret that I am forced to decline. However, I know that 2004 won't be the last year for serious Titanic research, so maybe next time...?

Jul 9, 2000
Easley South Carolina
>>Despite the way you worded it, I hope that you do not intend that to be a statement of fact.<<

I don't. Since none of us was there, the most any of us can do is scour the available evidence as best we can, offer a theory on is what could have happened, what most likely did happen, and what could not have happened, and be mindful of the fact that we could be wrong. Regarding the hypothetical loss of situational awareness, I don't see this happening in the overall picture as I don't see how Will Murdoch could have managed as well as he did in his attempt to avoid the berg without it. However, I can't rule out a brief lapse...some distraction that would have been trivial otherwise and may have passed largely unnoticed...but which turned a somewhat dicey night into a very bad one. A few seconds is all it takes.

>>I wish that circumstance did not prohibit me from attending the April event...<<

That's unfortunate as I would have enjoyed meeting you as well. I'll be putting in my vacation request for this time tomorrow and it's an event I'm looking forward to. The Topeka and Toledo meets gave me a lot of food for thought. I expect more of that this time around.

Erik Wood

Aug 24, 2000

Although this does belong in a different thread, could you possibly update the thread on your event. My schedule is quickly getting busy.
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