TS Maxim Gorkiy


Apr 30, 2014
Canada, Ontario
Here is a picture (from a newspaper) of the Gorkiy sinking way back in 1989. I thought I'd share it because surprisingly its no where to be found online.



Alex Clark

Mar 24, 2012
I was surprised to see her in Gibraltar in 2005 after assuming from the photo in a book on the eighties that she had foundered. :)

Dan Kappes

Sep 26, 2018
Apple Valley, Minnesota, United States
She didn't sink but was only damaged by an ice floe. She also appeared in the 1974 disaster film Juggernaut as the SS Britannic. Strange how many coincidences she has to the Titanic and the Britannic. According to the trivia page for the movie on the IMDB:

There are three references to the ill-fated R.M.S. Titanic in this movie. First, the fictional ocean liner's name is the "S S. Britannic", which was also the name of the Titanic's second sister ship, the H.M.H.S. Britannic, which also sank in 1916 after hitting a mine while serving as a hospital ship during World War I. Social Director Curtain (Roy Kinnear) also briefly references it twice in this movie. First, when he's preparing for the ship's costume party where he unintentionally references it by saying the party will be "a night to remember", which causes him to shudder when it reminds him of the famous 1955 book about the Titanic's sinking by Walter Lord and its 1958 movie adaptation, and secondly, when the passengers are preparing to board the lifeboats, he and Barbara Bannister (Shirley Knight) are discussing the cold water and he says to her "There aren't any icebergs." to add a bit of cheerful advice to her. Also, at the beginning of the film, the Britannic sets sail from Southampton, England, which was the first port the Titanic and her sister ship Britannic sailed from at the beginning of their ill-fated voyages. The fictional Britannic's port of registry as seen painted on her stern in this movie is also Southampton.