Turkish Bath Cooling Room

Any reason why they changed the positioning of the Titanic's Turkish Bath Cooling Room from starboard to center? I dare I say I find the Olympic's bath more appealing. Having it central with the portholes leading out into the complex corridor is a tad too claustrophobic for my tastes.


I find the Olympic's bath more appealing too. I especially liked those bronze lamps that were for some odd reason omitted from the Titanic's (Why were the lamps omitted?). The closet we'll ever get to having the Olympic's bath on the Titanic is 'Adventure Out of Time' (I like the scene where the water is pouring in through the porthole).
I thought I'd re-chime in on this years later - looking at the F-deck spa arrangement, it would seem it would be a matter of mobility to avoid having a congested foyer with passengers and stewards constantly crossing through to access the cooling room, and electric baths. By containing all the facilities to starboard, with an access corridor, keeps everything neatly relegated to one space.