Turkish bath portholes

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Matthew Chapman

It's curious to me how the Titanic resolved the aesthetic look of the portholes in the Turkish bath, given the room's layout was different from the Olympic. Obviously on the Olympic, " The portholes are concealed by an elaborately carved Cairo curtain, through which the light fitfully reveals “something of the grandeur of the mysterious East.”, an effect that couldn't have been replicated on Titanic.

I can see several 3D model rendering imply that there were mirrors put behind the curtain screens. Is this a fact, however? Did the wreck site yield any secrets about what they put behind the Cairo curtains, if anything at all? I wondered too about the possibly of illuminated back-lit windows, like in the Smoking room, or possibly, glass open to the corridor behind.

On a personal aesthetic note, evidently, Olympic's cooling room was the showpiece; Titanic's, while more logistically functional in relation to the whole complex, feels claustrophobic in comparison; a forced attempt at keeping all the unique design elements of Olympic's cooling room.