Turkish Bath

Shelley Dziedzic

Shelley Dziedzic

Adam, Malcolm Shifrin has a peerless site on the topic of Turkish baths, and also a number of photos and articles on this commodity aboard liners-including Olympic, Berengaria and Titanic. Hours of entertaining and informative research, especially why this luxury was so trendy among the upper class, and everything you ever wanted to know about the layout and decor.
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Konrad Hutchins

>>Possibly. Considering the sheer passage of time and what the whole of the ship had been through, the interiors are in a remarkable state of preservation. I wouldn't count on anyone poking around inside once the superstructure caves in however. Eventually, the sheer volumn of steel caving in will make this impossible.

Sounds like as much needs to be recorded as possible then.
JC has shown that we have the technology to build small, versatile bots to go inside and explore the ship so now is the time to do it before we can no longer do so.