Turkish Baths 2005 Discovery

Jul 14, 2000
Regarding the discovery of the Turkish Baths by the 2005 Cameron/Discovery Channel Expedition.

I've noticed that in the latest CG models of the turkish baths,
there is a main room with red couches and colorful tile work. On one wall of this room is seen what appear to be portholes behind a lattice screen. These are near the top of the wall. Yet by checking the ship's deck plans, I see that this room is an interior room and should not have portholes.

Can someone explain what I'm seeing? Are these portholes?
Jul 11, 2001
I noticed the same thing. If you look at the deck plans of the Olympic, this room is on an outside wall. Thus the only photos of this room must be Olympic photos, not Titanic. I have come across Titanic Deck plans dated December 1911 that look like the Olympics Turkish bath arrangement, but also there is a published set of Titanic plans dated March 1912 that show the room as an inside room, thus you are correct, no portholes! The CG pic is of the wrong room.

Damon Hill

Jun 13, 2004
There is one known photograph taken of the Titanics Turkish bath. The only places Ive seen it are in the books Titanic-An Illustrated History and Titanic Voices. The photo doesnt show the whole room but it shows enough to see that the deckplans that indicate the room as being inside the ship are correct. As for the portholes, the photo shows only part of the lattice work and surrounding woodwork etc that covered them and they are identical to the ones shown on Olympic Turkish bath photos. there are windows behind that lattice on the Titanic, as the current exploration of this room mentions that they shone light through them from the corridor but strangely the light didnt penetrate into the room. This is discussed on another thread in this forum under the Current expeditions to the wreck file. As regards to the CGI, the fountain is shown against the forward wall, whereas in the Titanic deckplans it shows it against the inboard wall. Possibly another of those last minute changes that were made. I'd put more store by the CGI pic as it is being rendered by Parks who is on the expedition and has seen the latest footage of this room.

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