Turkish Baths on FDeck

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Reading Ken Marschall's article it was noted that Titanic's Turkish bath room had a different layout compared to the Olympic's. Does anyone know what the layout of the room was onboard the Titanic?



The room did not extend to the port holes like on Olympic, it sort of went sideways. Do you have the Illustrated history book? They have a photo of Titanic's Turkish baths in there. Phil Hind had a picture on this site as well, but I don't know where it went. Do you have Susan Wels' book, Legacy of the World's Greatest Ocean Liner? They have a nice deck plan there as well. If I ever get the chance, I'll scan you some pictures. Also, check the deck plans on this site, they show the accurate arrangement on Titanic.

Thanks for the info Daniel. I looked at the deck plan on E.T and it does look quite different from the Olympic's. I guess also the furniture arrangement would change. I like the idea of another door which leads to the Swimming Bath, that was a excellent idea.

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Hey Guys,
I found this great picture of the Turkish bath which is what I believe to be on the Olympic. Sorry the picture is not bigger. The message board wouldn't allow me to show the actual size which is just stunning



It is indeed a nice picture! It was taken in July 1920. The original is a bit dark in places. There were post cards printed, and those were touched up to make all the areas clearer.



robert s hauser

So what is a "turkish" bath exactly? Is it a sort of steamroom?

Thanks, Rob

Brian R Peterson

Hi Robert!

The Turkish Baths on Olympic and Titanic were basically the decadent 1912 equivalent of our modern saunas.

The bather was allowed to sweat freely in a room continuously heated by hot dry air, sometimes in two or three rooms each of higher temperature, followed by a full body wash or cold bath, (the reason the Swimming Bath was installed on the Olympic and Titanic) then usually proceeded by a massage then relaxation time in a cooling room.

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Do you guys have a layout on which each room was? There was 4 I see plus two skinny rooms next to the swimming bath.
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Interesting thing, regarding the layout of the Turkish bath area. The December 1911 plans of this area on Titanic differ from that of the ones issued in March 1912, particularly the temperate and cooling rooms.

December 1911, aft to fore:
Hot room
Steam room
Temperate room outboard
Cooling room outboard, running inboard longways std. to port
Shampooing rooms inboard
Electric bath outboard
Swimming bath

March 1912 plans show the hot and steam room unchanged, as well as the temperate room, BUT the cooling room's been switched to inboard longways fore to aft. The shampooing rooms have been moved to outboard, and the electric bath remains unchanged. Basically, the Turkish bath area took up the same floor space, but the main cooling room was moved.

The hot air tank room (off limits to passengers) remained in place as shown even on the early Olympic class plans, as well as the ash ejector shaft that is just aft of the electric bath room.
Dan, do you have a diagram showing this? I am trying to place them on my deckplan, but am having trouble finding exactly how they are arranged.
Thank you!
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Yes - for comparison, they're found in Susan Wels' book "Titanic - Lecacy of the World's Greatest Ocean Liner" and E.E. O'Donnell's book on Fr. Browne's pictures
I do not have access to this book. Is there any possible way that I can get this information elsewhere?
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Shane N. Worthy
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5{ for these books at your local libraries, or peruse the book stores, or even eBay. Type Titanic Wels - there's 2 books on there now - one opening at $6.95 and one for a penny. Not bad considering the original retail was $34 or so:

Direct link:


Or, search the book sites previously suggested - many have the above books at discounted prices.
Other than that, I am afraid I don't know what to tell you.

Holly Hewlett

The Turkish baths were basically like saunas, I think! They were situated on F-deck, near the Swimming Baths. Check out: http://dsc.discovery.com/convergence/titanic/explorer/explorer.html for more info.*
*This site shows the layout of each deck on the ship. I cannot find "Turkish baths" but there is a "hot room" and a "temperate room" which is in the location where they were supposed to be. Also, further above two rooms are labelled "Turkish Bath Attendants" so thus I am confident that these are the Turkish baths.

Holly Hewlett

Ok, this is probably a better site for them!
Jason, I don't know If you have been on the sight I recommended, if you have/will could you please tell me why the Turkish baths are not called Turkish baths, or am I being stupid and missing something!?!
Thanks, Holly.

Jason D. Tiller


I've been on that site, so click on the link for F-deck and the Turkish Baths are where it says "Steam Room", "Hot Room", etc. It's to the right of the Forward Dining Saloon.
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