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Petica Watson

May 23, 2006
HI all,
We're making a documentary for National Geographic's Seconds from Disaster Series. I am desperately looking for photos of the following people, some of whom I've seen on this website.
Lucian AND Mary Eloise Smith, 1st class passengers
(I have seen these credited to Olivier Mendez of Association Francaise de Titanic, but having trouble reaching him).
Captain Smith - have some but need more
Harold Bride and John Philips, wireless operators

I need to have higher resolution images and a copyright owner who can grant me the rights to use the photos on TV. Or, if you can put me in touch with Olivier Mendez I'd be grateful. I have tried many picture libraries, but am not finding the photos on this site which I want to use.

I also want the picture of the iceberg with the red paint on it.

Please help! It's quite urgent.
Many thanks!

Documentary Researcher
National Geographic / Darlow Smithson Productions
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