Two assistant second stewards

Paul Lee

Aug 11, 2003
I'm trying to find Steward Wheat's cabin on F deck, but the deck plans I have are way too small (thanks E&H). I know they are near a set of staircases, but which ones- the first one is forward of the boiler casing, and the second set is on the portside, against the aft bulkhead.



Well this comes almost 10 years later but... In the landing that goes to the Swimming & Turkish Baths, there are a row of crew cabins on the port:
- Turkish Bath Attendants accommodations
- Female Turkish Bath Attendants accommodations
- Baggage Master & S.R.C. Prof.* accommodations
- Second Steward accommodations
- 2 Assistants Second Steward accommodations

I believe the last one is what you were looking for, Steward Wheat's cabin.

* by the way I have no idea what "S.R.C. Prof." means, if anyone could clarify on that...

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