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jacki lynn webb

I am looking for any information anyone may have on Mr.s S. and Brooke Webb. Mr.S. was a trimmer on the Titanic he boarded in Southampton and only address was Sailor's Home Southampton. Mr. Brooke was a first class smoking room steward. He was 50yo. and born in Liverpool. If anyone can help me I would be greatly appreciative. These may be relatives and I have reached a dead end.

Brian Meister

Mar 1, 2001
Dear Jacki,

Trimmer Sydney Webb was born in Southampton
in 1883 to Thomas and Eliza Webb. He was
baptised in St James Church.
First-Class Smoke Room Steward Brooke Webb
was apparnetly a long time employee of the
White Star Line. He has been difficult to
track, but supposedly one of his descendants
has answered this list in the past, and he
lived in Florida. Brooke's wife was the former
Alecia Brennan.
Both men were transferred from the Olympic
to the maiden voyage.

Hope this helps!


Audrey Sharp

Jacki: I am in touch with Brook Webb's US descendants, and we are interested in locating descendants from his second family, who were living in Southampton in 1912. They included a son, John Webb. Are you a relation of his?

jacki lynn webb

Does anyone have any information on Robert John Hopkins who was a crewman on the titanic. He is a relative of my husband. Any information would be helpful.

Trevor Wootton

HI there,
I am hoping someone can help me to sort out if some information i have is false or true. I had an uncle named William Webb who was born in Southampton. Uncle Bill joined the army, and went a.w.o.l. he ran away to sea using his brothers name which was Stanley. He was in a pub in Southampton and was talking to another seaman, they discussed where they were going next, Uncle Bill said he was on the Titanic as a trimmer. The chap he was talking to said he was going to India or somewhere like that. He also said that he wished he could go on the Titanic, Uncle Bill said that as a ship was a ship when working in the engine room, he would swap papers with the chap, and they did. Uncle Bill later married Winnie Savage, my grandfathers sister, and he died in the late 60's in Gosport. I am trying to get more info from my cousins who still live in Gosport. Is this info complete rubbish or is there a thread of truth in it. Uncle bill didn't talk much about his younger years. we know he was captured by pirates in the Eastern seas and had some very rough early years. Any help please would be gratfully recieved.
Dec 6, 2000
Hello Trevor,

Welcome to encyclopedia-titanica.
Looking at the March 1913 Titanic Relief Fund Mansion House booklet there are no claims noted for any dependants of S Webb.
If there are any subsequent claims under Crew Case No 271 it would be interesting [if such records still exist] to know what name is recorded against that number.


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