Two excelled books on Titanic


Mar 14, 2017
Los Angeles, CA
I can't remember when but through these forums someone recommended these books to me and I have never seen such cool photos of artifacts. Stuff you don't see anymore in the images show like the staircase railings. There's 9 they've found and photographed but you almost never see them. Anyhoo the books are

1) Olympic & Titanic Ocean Liners of the Past - which is a reproduction of Shipbuilder. It has all kinds of descriptive and technical details of the design and decor of the ship. It was the architectural stuff and beauty of the designs that always interested me so I LOVED this book. (It's also why my friends swear I'm Thomas Andrews reincarnated also since I've been obsessed with the Titanic designs [and in particular the Smoking Room] since I was about 5 years old) Basically, I could find my way around that ship blindfolded.

2) Titanic by Robert Ballard - This is where a LOT of really good early pics of the wreck are; many of which I had never seen which is like finding gold to me. I also love the descriptive quality of his writing.

Anyhoo I just wanna pass along the info cause I'm so appreciative of whoever suggested them to me in the first place

Also got them at discount bookstores for almost nothing so you can find them for super cheap.

jack scoltock

Apr 10, 2006
A sister ship is one of two or more essentially similar ships usually built from the same general plans. Laurentic was NOT a sister ship of Titanic.
But I'm sure you already knew that.
You're right, Sam. Thank you. The Laurentic was about 5/8ths the size of the Titanic.
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