Two friends May Futrelle and Rene Harris

Mar 20, 2000
Novelist May (Mrs. Jacques) Futrelle in 1962


Producer Rene (Mrs. Henry B.) Harris in 1968

Mar 20, 2000
Hi Jason/Darren/Charles,

The photo of May Futrelle is available in several archives. It was taken during a radio interview (according to an old caption card) commemorating the 50th anniversary of the Titanic disaster. I don't have much more info on it. These caption records differ depending on which picture agency you use; one card states that the photo was distributed by AP at one time.

The photo of Rene Harris (or "Renee" as she spelled it in later years) belonged originally to Gregg Jasper, a friend of her's and who has been a big help to me in my research on her. He's shared a great deal of his time and knowledge about Rene and I'm really thankful to him. I believe that picture was taken at her last birthday party.

A special shout out to Charles - whom I haven't seen here in quite some time. I have had something to mail you forever - but you never gave me your address!


PS) It's Rene Harris' birthday today by the way
Dec 13, 1999
Hello Randy,

Yes, yes, I've been living under a rock for about two years. I like to believe that I'm finally back on board, though!

Thank you for the details concerning the photo of May Futrelle.

I do have a wonderful color photo of Renée Harris that Gregg Jasper had sent me a few years ago, along with her 1932 account. It's a lovely picture. Even at almost 90 years old she seemed full of energy.

I'm intrigued by that ''something'' you said you were meant to mail me. Please contact me personally whenever you feel like it. My address is [email protected]

Oh, and happy birthday Renée!

Inger Sheil

Feb 9, 1999
The photos are lovely! I particularly like the soft, sweet looking Rene/e in that shot. As I've discussed with you, Randy, new information that's turned up indicates that Harold Lowe was quite intrigued by the woman who sent him the presentation gifts. She certainly seems to have been the sort of person who makes the stuff of vivid, lively impressions - and memories.

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