Two Questions regarding Deck Plans

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Hi all,

I recently purchased an original set of deck plans for the Anchor Line's T.S.S. California, sunk by a German u-boat in 1917. They are complete, though in need of restoration as they have split cleanly in half. I have been told that a bare minimum cost for having them professionally restored would be $120.00. My question is: are these plans scarce enough to merit the expense of having them restored? I literally have asked at every major archive and Maritime Museum in the US and in the UK and only the Mariner's Museum in Virginia have a one partial set of deck plans for this one else does, and the set I have is far more complete than their set! Not even the Anchor Line's archive in Glasgow University has a set. I have never seen a set for sale prior to the set I bought. In the mean time I have scanned them and I am archiving a file of the unrestored plans and I am 'restoring' (digitally touching up) a set for my own working purposes. Any feedback on whether this is a worthwhile investment would be greatly appreciated.

My other questions is: is there any sort of digital archive of deck plans for other Ocean Liners out there? I mean, where one could look up plans for virtually any ship on the last century or so? Is any such project underway? I was wondering if anyone is engaged in any sort of large scale preservation effort, especially for the less well known and scarcer ships.


-Daniel Stern
Daniel-- I don't know the dollar value of the prints, but if they show the actual layout of the ship's bridge vis-a-vis the captain's quarters, they might be invaluable to researchers studying events on Californian one cold April night in 1912.

-- David G. Brown
David, I believe that the California and the Californian are two different ships. The Anchor Line's ship had two funnels, whereas the Leyland Liner Californian (made infamous that one April night) had only one funnel.

Tom Bates

HI would you mind emailing me the scans for the decks plans. Thanks Also if most archives dont have copys of them i would think they are rare. Tom
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