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Feb 22, 2012
Two tales from the Titanic Daily Echo
William Lindsay and William Mintram had much in common; they shared a Christian name, had married local women and both signed on as firemen on the Titanic – the big difference – one survived and the other did not.

William Lindsay, who was often known by his middle name Charles, was born in Bedminster but his family settled in Southampton sometime before the turn of the century.

The 1901 census records the family as living at 30, Chantry Road, Southampton.

William was listed as a Lance Corporal in the Royal Engineers Mounted and Imperial Yeomanry stationed at Aldershot.

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Mike Friedman

Apr 2, 2020
I suspect the Echo article has it backwards. According to ANTR, it was Walter Hurst who was offered a drink that turned out to be "essence of peppermint". Walter Lord was in direct contact with Walter Hurst, if I remember correctly, so likely his version would be the correct one.

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