U Too The Rescue

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If you could save five people from the sinking ship..who would you choose???
Mine Are
The Allisons
The youngest Sage and youngest Goodwin
Captain Smith.
William Murdoch.
Joseph Bell.
Mr Goodwin.
Mrs Sage.

I'm selfish. I think these people could explain an awful lot.
Thomas Andrews
Jack Phillips
Officer Moody
Any two of the otherwise lost children . . .

And while I'm at it I would grab Daisy Spedden's camera.
Sorry I'm really late on this one but anyway...
I don't think its fair too say who should have lived and who should have died. But then on the other hand if someone was saved from the 1st class, with the money and political power that person might have it could have changed events in the world rather then if a 3rd class person were saved. So my people would have been

Captain Smith - to help tell us about the ships speed etc.
J.J. Astor - he was very smart and very wealthy could have changed a lot.
Thomas Andrews - could have helped with future ships.
John B. Thayer - he could have helped with railroads.
Archilbald Butt - he was very important to the president and his country.
Matt -- interesting thoughts. In the end, however, we never know what somebody will do, say, or produce in their lives. Times change and one day's hero is the next day's chump.

I've always thought that the reason for "saving" lives is not to prevent death. Everyone dies in time. The reason for staving off the inevitable is to preserve the possibilities represented by each individual human life.

--David G. Brown
Once again I am late. Anyway David, true. Most likely 5 or 10 3rd class would have done something that would have changed the world. I picked the people I did because they were the ones that ALMOST for sure would have had made a difference to everyone in the world. I do think that everyone is equal. Every life does matter. But I hope you understand why I would have picked the people I did.

(anyways I can't go back in time to change the past or the Titanic would have never have sunk. And I'm sure that goes for everyone else on this sight as well.)

Thomas Andrews (because of his knowledge of ship and so he could build good ships in the future), John George (Jack) Phillips (because he was very experienced and good and because I have a bit of a soft spot for the wireless boys) , Captain Smith (again, his knowledge of ships and the fact that he was very popular back then), Dr. William O'Loughlin (to help sick people) and Wallace Hartley (to keep the other people who had been rescued calm after the trauma of the event)


Matthew Bird

I'd probably go for a family with small children and women, ie Allisons,OR Paulssons (the swedish woman with 4 children in case i got the name wrong OR Goodwin children etc

Matthew Bird

Re- Mick
It might be worthwhile putting it in passenger research. i'm not 100% sure though.

Good luck finding what you want to know.
>>To choose to live and to choose to die... what are we playing God?<<

I doubt it. I think it was more speculation then anything else, so I wouldn't invest a lot of emotional baggage in this. Were it up to me, I would save the lot, but we don't get to make the call.

History has already done that. We just have to deal with the result.
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