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While the London Daily Star is not necessarily the most accurate source of historical information, when they printed under the headline "Uber facts on going Deutsch" that a WW11 UBoat was sunk due to a "malfunctioning toilet" -- they were correct. Witness the sad story of the U-1206.

The culprit in this case was the commander of the boat. The heads on a submarine are complicated beasts at best, and a new type had been installed on the 1206 which could be used at greater depths than had been possible before. One crew member-- politely known as the "s**t man"-- had received an extensive training course in its operation. However, the commander did not feel that he should ask about such things, read the manual of instructions, and went to use the head while submerged in deep water. To make a long story short, he wasn't as clever as he thought he was. A blast of seawater and sewage was the result, which flowed into the batteries before it could be shut off. Naturally, chlorine gas resulted, and the boat had to surface to ventilate. She was immediately spotted by British Coastal Command aircraft, and to add injury to insult, bombed and sunk.

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An incident like that will put ones career in the toilet for sure...

In this case, if faced with capture, I suspect the skipper might have eaten his own pistol to wipe away....errrrr....avoid the embarrassment of it all.
It was a little worse than that. The boat was actually scuttled by the crew, who went off in life rafts. One raft didn't make it, with the loss of four men.
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