UFO Sighting, September 1st, 1969. Berkshire, Massachusetts

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Cam Houseman

Jul 14, 2020
Maryland, USA
Hello. Thought this would bring a nice change of pace. On September 1st, 1969, multiple people in Berkshire County, Massachusetts, had an encounter. One man, named Tom, and this is supported by more eyewitnesses, said he heard a voice, that urged him to "go home." He bolted out of the door of the friend's house he was staying in, and began running. However, he wasn't going anywhere. Tom, and the multiple eyewitnesses, saw Tom running in place, in a blue beam of light. He was then had his arms thrown behind him, and the breath knocked out of him. He woke up in a building, that looked like a lab. There were other children there. One by one, they began to disappear. Tom woke up on the other side of the property on his back. The eyewitnesses ran around, looking for him, after reporting he vanished after the blue beam was trained on him. They found him on the other side of the property.

Another encounter, in a different, nearby county: A family was driving through a covered bridge. Mom was driving, Grandma in the passenger seat, kids in the back. They emerged out of the other side, and everything turned bright. They saw a massive object over top of them. Then, the inside the car, it got brighter, as if every electronic/gear had floodlights turned on. The family saw orange orbs floating nearby, and something moving inside, like a wave, but pulsing. It was deathly quiet. Suddenly, they woke up at the drugstore. They almost dismissed it as a freak dream, if it wasn't for one thing: Grandma was in the passenger seat, and according to Thomas Reed, a kid at the time, "Grandma never drove" And he himself somehow migrated to the passenger seat of the Station-Wagon.

Many other occupants saw this phenomenon. A young girl was also abducted, while at her house, and woke up at the lake, a mile away.

Thoughts? Thanks for reading.. hope they don't come for you next......
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