Ummmm what passengers on the Titanic you find well attractive cute handsome and pretty

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I must say that Violet Jessup was very beautiful. Another was a third class passenger named Catherine Wallis. I always remember her because she has my last name (only spelled different, no relation) and she looks eerily like my great-grandmother when she was young. It feels strange to me to state that my great-grandmother was attractive but she was and Catherine Wallis looks just like her and as attractive.

From a straight man's perspective I think Thomas Andrews was a handsome man as well as Harold Bride.

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>>I wonder sometimes what folks today would make of the state of poor Moody's teeth, given the problems he had with them.<<

One heck of a dentist bill!

Folks today would not really be any different from folks back in Moody's days,this is why Moody never smiled in his photographs.
I don't blame Moody either,people are very mean and nasty to-wards others with problems (regardless on what era they came from) best to keep these things a secret.

Thomas Andrews,James Moody,Jack phillips,all I find very attractive handsome men,though, Harold mcbride,I don't see being attractive or handsome.
I found J.J Astor to be handsome. His eyes are very expressive. I just saw the pictures of Chief Office Wilde here on his bio site. He is alone in his summer white uniform. In that image he looks exactly like Richard Gere. I also think Captain Smith is handsome. He radiates confidence and security. (Which is probably why he did so well as a captain.) And finally, the vilified J. Bruce Ismay is also very handsome to me. He is very much a 1912 man with his handlebar (is that what it is called?) mustache. There is a persnickety quality to his pictures that is very interesting. I hope this isn't too weird!